Open An Elective Ultrasound Studio

With Anticipation Mentoring Assistance!

What's Included


We provide a customizable business plan that you can modify to your unique location and studio. Creating a business plan is imperative if you need to get funding. It is also a good process to work through to assist you in preparing to open a business.



We know state-of-the-art ultrasound equipment and we have a preferred vendor that will help you attain the best equipment in the industry at the best price. Equipment selection is critical in a business that is dependent on getting good images.


We can help you decide what type of organization you need to establish – at both the state and federal level. Assistance with establishing your Federal Employer Identification Number and filing documents to register your business with your state.



We will help you determine the best physical location for your studio. Do you want to be in retail or office space? Do you know the issues with choosing one or the other of these? What about the build-out, utilities, signage?



We can develop and host your website. Having a great website can make or break a business. You need great images, design, and SEO. We can assist with all of your website needs.



Are you an ultrasound technician, Sonographer, or someone that just loves babies! Regardless of what your background is, we can provide training on the best practices for capturing the best images. We provide hands-on training at our facility and then we come to your studio for more training.

Pregnant woman having a checkup in the clinic


There are unique issues and requirements for establishing an elective ultrasound business. Do you want to offer complete diagnostics or limited diagnostics or just keepsake imaging? We can help you decide.


Ultrasound monitoring


Anticipation offers video streaming for all our studios. Your clients can receive their videos digitally! In this digital age, it is imperative to provide clients with their video and images with state-of-the-art technology. Live streaming is also an option for your clients.


Amazing Ultrasound Technology

You can bring imaging like these to your community.

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Anticipation has been in the elective ultrasound business since 2003. We were one of the first elective ultrasound facilities to open in the country.  We opened our first studio in 2003 and our second one in 2004. Both studios are still flourishing.


We began offering mentoring to other entrepreneurs in 2004 and have helped open studios around the country.

With Anticipation Live Streaming proprietary technology, you can live stream the ultrasound sessions, enabling families all over the country to view the ultrasound session as it is in progress. In this day of nuclear families, this high-end technology will assure your studio stays at the forefront of expanding services for your clients.

Why Choose Anticipation Mentoring?

Have you always been interested in opening an elective ultrasound business in your community? Anticipation Ultrasound Studio has been providing elective ultrasounds in Oklahoma since 2003. Not only do we assist entrepreneurs in opening their own studio, we know the ins and outs of actually running an elective ultrasound business. This gives us a unique perspective in what the issues are, what problems will arise and how to deal with this fast-changing industry. We can assist you in designing a studio that meets your particular needs.

We will be here to assist you as you consider the elective ultrasound industry, research opening your own studio, figure out equipment and ultrasound technology, and we provide on-going support, forever. You will have the personal cell phone number of our owner so you can reach out for assistance at any time.

We will be here for you!