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Anticipation Imaging Partner's
Accreditation Program

Anticipation Imaging Partners has created an accreditation process for imaging facilities that are associated with us. Only imaging studios that adhere to our high standards can earn this status of accreditation.

We ensure that only FDA approved ultrasound equipment is used. We use the most advanced and safest 3D/4D imaging equipment available.

All certified facilities must use imaging technicians that have been specially trained in the 3D and 4D imaging techniques. These guidelines are required to capture clear 2D, 3D and 4D images and videos.

Our imaging facilities provide a warm and inviting environment that is conducive to providing a great experience for our expectant families - including children.

We have created a network of studios whose primary goal is to provide excellent service to our communities.


The information presented in this website does not constitute an offer to sell a franchise. In some states there are requirements for franchises to be registered before a sale can occur. To find out the status of our franchise registration in your state, please contact us.


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