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Franchise Services Provided


Business Establishment
Site Location and Layout
Business Training
Ultrasound Training
Employee Issues
Pricing Direction
Business Operations Management
Vendor Contacts
Marketing Program
Merchandise Selection
Ongoing Support
And much more!



Business Establishment Assistance

Customizable Business Plan
Business Organization Type Determination
Business Incorporation in your State
Establishment of your Federal EIN
Customizable Marketing Materials Templates
Facility Location Assistance
Office Equipment Selection
Ultrasound Equipment Selection and Acquisition
Ancillary Merchandise Suggestions and Contacts
Training in Ultrasound Imaging
And more...

Initial Training at Headquarters

You will receive a total of 6 days of hands-on training. First, you will spend 3 days in one of our studios learning the 3D/4D ultrasound imaging techniques and the business side of elective ultrasound imaging. You will get to experience an actual, profitable studio in action.


Additional Training at Your Studio

We will then come to your facility when you are ready to open (or earlier if you would prefer) and provide 3 more days of intensive training. (Extra training is available for an additional cost. Typically additional training is not necessary - but we want you to know that it is available if you feel you need it!)

Operations Manual

This manual includes all aspects of the business to help ensure your success. It includes information about the steps you need to go through before opening your studio, detailed information about the day-to-day operations, advertising advice, ancillary merchandise and much more. The manual is provided in printed and digital format. You can easily modify any of the documents to your facilities' name and logo and be ready to go!


Phone Consultation

No limit - ever.

Accreditation Program

We have created an accreditation process for the facilities associated with AIP. We ensure that only FDA approved equipment is used, that proper 3D/4D imaging guidelines are followed and  training has been provided to ensure the best possible experience for the expectant families. This logo on your studio's web site will assure your clients that your facility is safe, reputable and associated with one of the fastest growing imaging organizations available.

Video Streaming for your clients

We provide a high-tech solution for today's nuclear family.
Anticipation Baby View  provides Internet viewing options for your clients. This service provides LIVE and archived video streaming of the ultrasound video.

Optional Services

There are a number of optional services that you may require. This may include website design, hosting and maintenance, design and creation of advertising materials, additional training for new staff, and much more.  You can pick and choose the items you want us to provide.  


The information presented in this website does not constitute an offer to sell a franchise. In some states there are requirements for franchises to be registered before a sale can occur. To find out the status of our franchise registration in your state, please contact us.


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